Website & Web App Development

As a Website Development Company, we bring your website perfectly to your specification, within specified time and budget. We choose the right tools and technologies for you and deliver fast, secure good looking websites that work.
With 7 years of experience in website and web app development, we at KanbiSoft develop websites that accelerates your business by not only retaining your current customer but by also expanding your business globally. Our team of developers develops websites that are customized according to individual business requirement and make sure high performance and scalability.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Kanbisoft presents the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for new approach of understanding customers. It is a solution that delivers much needed certainty across interactions and transactions.
Kanbisoft is fully equipped to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) business demands. Our experts follow the best business practices which will help our client base to enhance growth in all accounts. We can assure you that our CRM solutions will help you to stay ahead of the competition.

CRM helps you
  • Improve predictably in areas such as sales, marketing and service
  • Leverage existing enterprise/business unit information and build on it
  • Implementing CRM allows you to keep better track of your customer information and manage it in a better way.
  • Increased levels of customer satisfaction automatically results in higher sales

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Are you looking to make your website's content easier to manage? Kanbisoft provide the Content Management System (CMS) which is one of the most essential assets for web application that make your content smarter and more powerful.

Benefit of CMS
  • The usage of CMS gives you a direct control over the content on your website. Thus, it enables you to clearly define the appearance and theme of your website.
  • The content on your website needs to be constantly changing so it will be eye- catching and will go hand in hand with the advancement of the technology. Fresh content is always like a new product. It helps in increasing the overall traffic.
  • CMS offers separate structure for design and content. It's possible to change the design of your site without making any changes in the content structure.
  • It allows multiple users to add content from all across the globe. The multi-user accessibility helps in innovative thoughts and ideas and will helps in increasing the traffic, leading to higher ranks for your web pages.
  • High priority is given to security consideration in CMS. The data is stored in databases where access to information is highly filtered and restricted, protecting your website from virus attacks and hackers.
  • CMS helps in direct interaction with the visitors, giving way for a good degree of customer satisfaction by integrating their suggestions and requests.